A table with a Yoruba Rose lamp on top of it
A table with three Yoruba Rose lamps on top of it in a dark setting

Yoruba Rose

Paper, metal, stainless steel, silicone. Yoruba Rose is a light object that enchants through perfection and grace. The sheet of paper is almost circularly stretched on light metal wires and strives upwards. The harmonious expression of the model and the extremely pleasant light make it the ideal light source in spaces where one rests. Yoruba Rose can also be produced as a standard lamp on request. Just as in all other MaMo Nouchies, the lampshade consists of Japanese paper, which has to undergo a special manufacturing process in Dagmar Mombach’s studio. The light source is an LED module, provided with a cooling element, developed by Ingo Maurer especially for the MaMa Nouchies. The light is warm and soft, and can hardly be distinguished from conventional halogen light. Yoruba Rose is usually available for immediate delivery.
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