Fornasetti is a brand that continues to embody the same spirit of joyful originality that its founder, Piero Fornasetti, displayed throughout his prolific and prodigious career. A true pioneer in the landscape of mid-20th century design, Fornasetti expressed his singular vision through surface enrichment, embellishing them with fanciful designs often rendered in such boldly graphic patterns that they resembled engravings. A collaboration with none other than Gio Ponti yielded a wealth of celebrated work, further cementing Fornasetti’s influence in the world of design. Following his death in 1988, Barnaba Fornasetti continued to share his father’s expansive library of work (11,000+ designs) with the waiting world. Fornasetti’s signature use of spatial illusions, graphic patterns and neoclassicist motifs coalesce to create work that continues to challenge the perception of volume and space. Inspired by a range of visual elements which included typography, illustrations, advertisements and maps dating as far back as the 17th century, Fornasetti’s witty and inventive interplay between two and three dimensions remain as triumphant as they are timeless.


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