A Walking in the Rain light next to a white wall

Walking In The Rain

Paper, metal, stainless steel, silicone. “Walking In The Rain” is a large, sculptural light object standing on two red feet. Three sheets of paper are arranged one above the other and remind of a cloak. The inspiration for this exclusive fixture comes from traditional Japanese raincoats woven from straw, which explains its appearance of a figure with feet and a head. Like all papers of the MaMo Nouchies series, the lampshade consists of Japanese paper, which is treated in several steps in Dagmar Mombach’s factory until it reaches the desired shape. For Walking In The Rain a lot of the unique paper material is being used. Inside, two LED modules with a cooling element are installed. The module was developed by Ingo Maurer especially for the MaMo Nouchies. The light is warm and soft, and can hardly be distinguished from conventional halogen light. The paper sheets act as light diffusers. Walking In The Rain’s friendly presence provides more than light.
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