Triptyque Two Rug in front of a white background
Triptyque Two Rug on a dark brown wood floor with a chair next to the rug with a book on top of the seat
Two Triptyque Rug combined together at the fringe
Close up of the Triptyque Rug

Triptyque 002 Rug

Handmade on looms using synthetic fibre yarn, the TRIPTYQUE outdoor rugs offers the highest performance, while maintaining a soft and elegant aspect. TRIPTYQUE is characterized by the subdivision into three identical portions, punctuated by the harmonic alternation between the yarn and the warp, obtaining a motif that evokes the sartorial hemstitches.This collection of design rugs is available in three different colours, Stone, Natural and Brick. The intertwined fringes that close the warp always characterize the three-meter side. Length 400cm 157"1/2 Width 300cm 118"2/4
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Product DWG FilesRod_TRIPTYQUE-002-rug.dwg
Product 3DS FilesRod_TRIPTYQUE-002-rug.3ds
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