Designed by renowned architect and designer David Rockwell.
Reflects the majesty of New York City's sky at night.
Collection includes ceiling lamp, wall sconce, and floor lamp.
Each luminaire represents a celestial constellation.

Tri Stars Wall Sconce

Constellation was designed by American architect and designer David Rockwell. He is the founder of the Rockwell Group, a cross-disciplinary architecture and design firm based in New York City. In fact, it is the city's sky at night that informs the Constellation collection's design.The Grand Central Terminal, with its expansive celestial ceiling mural, is the perfect space to house the Constellation collection's uplifting visitors from their daily commute to an ethereal spatial experience. The collection offers a ceiling lamp, a wall sconce and a floor lamp, each representing Cassiopeia, Orion's Belt and Polaris respectively. Hand-crafted metal connects the luminaires in each unique piece, allowing onlookers to feel as if they are staring up into a starry, night sky. Each piece is modular and offered in bespoke configurations. Wherever displayed, the light becomes the focal point of the space, evoking awe and wonder.
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