Thea, the new upholstered system, originates from the female interpretation of shapes and from the balance of guidelines in apparent antithesis: comfortable, cozy - tidy, dynamic - rigorous, lightweight - highly compact. Thea's eclecticism lies in the harmonious research of different points of view: frontally orthogonal, sideways tilted and concave on the back. The sofa is highly original and dynamic just because it melts all of these languages: it is a game of projections and shapes that gives its design a unique and recognisable sign. Womanhood is enhanced by the coating: just like a dress that wraps and drapes volumes, folds perfectly stick to the modules' shapes. Top care for tailoring details, as well as for the dictates of Italian tailoring, by using different seams. Application of bias seaming and contrast edging in three different colours (white, dove grey and anthracite grey) in order to define angles, curves and shapes.
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