Viscose panther and white fibers interwoven
The perfect addition to any space-themed decor.
bringing the beauty of the cosmos indoors.
Each strand carefully embedded in the fabric.
creating a unique and captivating pattern.
Evokes a sense of wonder and awe.
like gazing up at a starry night sky.
Luxurious and soft underfoot, adding comfort and style to any room.
Captures the essence of the universe with its intricate

Space 89 Viscose

Space. The final frontier... new worlds, innumerable planets and stars. When you first set your eyes on SPACE 89, it’s almost as if the design allows you to see everything at the same time – allowing you to boldly go into a never-ending sea of white linen strands on shimmering viscose. The 89 part of the name for this kymo floorwear actually comes from a somewhat different world: the legendary scene of Med clubbing and Ibiza, where SPACE first opened its doors in 1989, instantly setting new standards in the world of music. In a similar vein, our aspiration at kymo is for every new product to set the benchmark when it comes to floorwear.
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