Represents a symbol of Magistretti's creative journey and design philosophy.
Cherished by both the public and the designer himself for over 40 years.
Epitomizes the enduring appeal of geometrically inspired lighting designs.
Blends seamlessly with a range of interior styles and decor schemes.

Sonora Glass

The story of Sonora is one of a pure geometrical shape, pursued by Magistretti throughout his entire life. The creative path followed by the architect and designer in his projects is, in fact, an absolutely peculiar itinerary: geometry represents a constant fellow traveller; his main source of inspiration, always and in any case, is simplification. Sonora, created in 1976, available in several materials and sizes, is one of the symbols of this creative path and it has remained, for the entirety of its 40 years of existence, one of the most appreciated lamps not only by the public but also by Magistretti himself.
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