The doors, polished to seem almost incorporeal, are created by the aggregation of glass, silk and metal, forming a luxurious, refined linear and yet minimal result. The technology used to make this kitchen is very high and manages to combine the power and timelessness of the materials with the ingenuity of man, his creativity and the most innovative techniques. Characteristic of Minotti's design, the stone is presented differently. The work top is divided in the same way as the bases and each piece follow one another at ninety degrees from the previous one. This system emphasizes the joints of the worktop to the advantage of an aesthetic game of intertwining with the goal of lengthening and replicating them infinitely, thus deceiving the dimensional constraint of the stone. The exchange of lines also creates a design parallelism with the weaving of the fabric. And again, the breaks in the worktop make the columns disappear aesthetically with appliances that emerge automatically from the work surface when needed, but hide again after use.
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