chair with dark brown wooden bases and green upholstery on a white background.
green woven chair with wooden bases on a white background.
green chairs with raised backrests for greater comfort on a white background.
Sedia 1938
Sedia 1938
Sedia 1938

Sedia 1938

The iconic elements don't go unnoticed in the Sedia 1938.
Designed by the genius Albini, its armrests combine beauty and functionality.
The wood structure rewrites the rules of the Italian tradition, elevating it with a design that brings out the fine qualities of a natural material. The different elements seamlessly connect together enhancing one another.
The line of the armrests is so peculiar that it ends up being the identifying element of this unforgettable piece of design.
Franco Albini wrote the history of design. A Meticulous architect and a representative of the Rationalism movement, he always paired up this career with the one of the designer, experimenting with new shapes and materials. The Sedia 1938 can proudly boast his signature.
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