Plen Air Five Table with chairs behind it and a large long glass in the background
Multiple Plen Air Table in different colors in an all white room
Close up of edge of Plen Air Table in black in front of a white background
Close up of edge of Plen Air Table in white in front of a white background
Top view close up of Plen Air Table in a cream finish

Plen Air 005 Table

PLEIN AIR is a design table to elegantly furnish both outside and inside the house. The legs of the table are inserted into the frame without visible joints, creating a characteristic drop shape that exalts the formal cleanliness of the product. The stoneware top of PLEIN AIR 005 dining table runs along the entire length of 280 cm, emphasizing the horizontality of the shape, especially in the version with a depth of 80 cm. Sober refinement for an outdoor furniture of great elegance and simplicity.
Product Sheet PDFRod_Plen_Air_005_Table.pdf
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Product 3DS
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