A free structure that establishes a dialogue of contrasts between the tactile sensations of the wood and the metal frame: Outline is a free-standing bookcase that creates an uneven home landscape, in which the different versions can coexist independently or side by side, creating new and different landscapes each time. The particular layout of the structure allows it to be installed against the wall or in the center of the room for a completely free use of the living room space, which combines the pleasure of maximum functionality with rigorous linear aesthetics. The unusual round recesses in the shelves and in the shoulders of the cubes allow the various elements to be inserted by sliding them into place: a structural detail that is both functional and attractive, with the visible circular forms breaking up the linearity of the structure. The visual contrast between the volumes of the cabinets and shelves and the lightness of the structure releases an energy that combines a contemporary look with that of handmade cabinetry.
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