Series composed of single seatings and sectional elements. A single basic element takes on different configurations according to the presence or absence of the backrest and the type and quantity of armrests that complete it. - Structure: varnished stainless steel provided with elastic belts. Plastic spacers. - Backrests, armrests and closing panels: gloss-varnished aluminium in a colour matching the background of the visible panels in Diade. - Visible covering of backrests, armrests and closing panels: Diade. - Seat cushion: differentiated recyclable polyester with foam covering in waterproof polyester. - Back- and armrest cushion: stress-resistant expanded polyurethane with foam covering in waterproof polyester. - Cushions upholstery: available in the fabrics Rope T, Brio, or Thea. - Notes: Oasi armrests are available with three different inclinations. Oasi compositions do not require any coupling system. We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.
Product Sheet PDFLen_Oasi.pdf
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