Morsetto desk lamp illuminating a white desk with a person walking behind the table
Close up of Morsetto desk lamp where it attaches to the desk
Morsetto desk lamp in illuminating a white desk with a person sitting in front of the lamp


A “pop” project. Besides being a perfect lighting tool, it is also a “ready-made” or conceptual reinterpretation. Thanks to the support of a large lever clamp of the type you might find in a workshop, the light source has been positioned far from where the lamp is attached to the table, utilising three adjustable arms. Morsetto is a table lamp, but at the same time, it is also a very lightweight, suspended light. It’s a lamp that appears to be in flight, like a bird in the forest. Morsetto can be positioned, balanced and turned, but overall it produces a beautiful light on the table.
Product Sheet PDFgroppi_morsetto.pdf
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