The perfect blend, pulled together with care and attention to create floorwear for which there’s only one word: special. MIXTAPE always says something important about its creator. It’s the transitions that matter, although it’s also about the thought put into selecting each and every track. This applies wholeheartedly to our new model, MIXTAPE, which is composed of intertwining fibre strands, pulled together to form a harmonious picture of perfection. The fluctuating intensity of hues lends each individual braid its own vivid, almost personal look and feel. This floorwear is made from extra-strong polypropylene and is thus also suitable for outdoor use. Or maybe it will blend in with the bathroom. Perhaps it will be used to add the finishing touches to a kitchen area. If it’s a robust and water-resistant creation someone is looking for, something to add atmosphere to a room, our MIXTAPE carpets fit the bill! Available in ten perfectly matched colour combinations, individually created by our designers. Or maybe you’d like to put together your own special kymo MIXTAPE floorwear…? GO ON. AND CREATE. *See product sheet for full color spectum*
Product Sheet PDFkymo_facts_sheet_MIXTAPE.pdf
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