The “Liquid Metal” is a new
unconventional finish used on our
Maxima Collection to reinvent the
wooden surface and enhance its
distinctive carved decoration. This
unique finish is availabe in tin or
light bronze: two different metals
sharing the same shiny beauty.
The finishes “Raptor”, “Patch”
and “Corteccia” are instead real
artistic decorations created by
hand by our master decorators.
The “Liquid Metal” combines
a technologically advanced
technique with a patient and
precise handcrafted treatment
to obtain a gleaming look.
This expression describes the
process of mixing real metal
powder and applying it on the
furniture wooden surface. The
result exemplifies our unceasing
research for unique and
unconventional solutions in a
perfect balance between tradition
and innovation.
Product Sheet PDFLab_DDC_Wood_Liquid.pdf
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