Interior Three – Modulor

A night area in which Modulor, here featured in sahara walnut finish, expresses all its qualities. A significant yet discrete presence, the wall paneling system naturally adapts to any complex space, transforming itself into a door, window passage, or showing equipped storage units. n the night area Modulor features a new function which integrates storage elements into the wall paneling system. The custom-made solution includes cabinets that allow a free arrangement of the equipment at the desired height. A further evolution that emphasizes a system capable of adapting to every architectural condition which can be equipped with doors, suspended furniture, passageways and windows. It also allows to completely cover the walls with linear solutions, as well as with internal and external corners. The new Modulor hinged door
Is designed to perfectly integrate in the wall paneling system thanks to the horizontal crosspieces that are aligned with the geometries of the panels, creating a solution of continuity. Discreet and almost imperceptible presence, the aluminium handle is also available in flush recessed version with optional lock to keep items and personal effects safe. All doors are equipped with magnetic closing.
Product Sheet PDFRim_I3_Modulor.pdf
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