Hifi Heritage

Ethno meets techno. This is HIFI HERITAGE.Whether it’s subtle monochrome tones or bright combinations, these rhombuses bring ethno flair to your floor. Eva Langahns’ large design catapults a time-travelled look into the living spaces of design lovers and globetrotters alike. Its nod to the heritage of other cultures is clear. But what could all this possibly have to do with techno? On the subject of technology… It is only possible to achieve the finely woven pattern when using a Jacquard loom, a revolution in weaving made over 200 years ago. It allowed for each thread to be controlled individually so that even complicated patterns were easy to produce. Hi-fi or high-fidelity, the predecessor to techno music, was very similar: it paved the way for minimalism in music through a revolution in sound quality.What’s more, the Jacquard weaving technique creates a contrasting image in the same beautiful quality on the reverse side of the fabric. We’re so enamoured by it that we chose not to give this FLOORWEAR® a traditional felt backing. That way you’re spoilt for choice and can use the rug on either side.
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