In this far-eastern land, the wall is shoji: without doors or windows, it contains everything in a single design. Lightweight in paper and wood, it filters the light in a natural way almost like an opening, a window. And again, its wooden slats mimic the function of the doors becoming opening handles and lead to another room or the outside. Like this linear game of natural materials and geometric balances, hanami uses the set of wooden slats as handles, creating a simultaneous interplay of shadow and light that hide the joints of the furniture piece. Wood as its maximum expression is proposed in a single-material key on both the doors and the handles and adapts to various solutions of openings: from the whole door, to the double basket and to the drawers. In all cases the signs disappear before the eye in a specific and ordered compositional scheme of strips. An exciting collective made of individual elements that become one to the eye. Combined with stone tops, it reproduces the japanese essence of cherry blossoms.
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