Fungi Console

Fungi _ Console is made of a single SOLID WOOD plank obtained from an abandoned log with its fungi texture, preserved in EXTRACLEAR RESIN resembling the winter ice that blocked the fungal activity. While one leg is in BURNISHED STEEL, the other one uses the new alcarol's invisible corner joining, that ensures the continuity of both material, without visible separations between horizontal and vertical planes, like a single bent piece. The natural wood surface is not covered by resin on the section planes since alcarol always use a selective wood coating with a matt natural effect. For the Fungi collection, alcarol has selected dead trees and abandoned logs from Italian Dolomite forest in order to reveal the surprising texture inside the matter of the tree created by the growth of fungi. These organisms attack the trees at the end of their life cycle, creating in the wood beautiful color changes, with regions of discoloration and intricate patterns of amazing dark lines, that look like free-form art drawn with a calligraphy pen. alcarol main action is sectioning, and when the saw has finished his work our eyes can see the hidden world of Nature. With an aim to capture the fungal metamorphic instant by freezing time at the end of the tree’s life cycle, alcarol employs experimental processes to preserve the raw material exactly as it appears in its original habitat. While the wood in section planes remains uncovered, the natural wood live edges are frozen in a special extraclear resin resembling the ice that in winter blocked the fungal activity. The transient beauty of Nature becomes eternal.
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