Modular rug composed of elements available in the dimension 60x60 cm. The modules consist of superimposed layers of different materials, which are thermoformed and sewn together with a thread in the same colour of the surface of the module. The inside is made of polyester fibre and expanded polyethylene; the lower surface consists of Velcro velvet, the upper surface is made of Tarsìa wood, a new Paola Lenti's signature material consisting of a thin wood layer finished Mano Opaca. The modules can be joined together endlessly by means of antiskid polyester elements completed with Velcro. It is advised against the use of the Ebanys rug in high traffic areas. It is advised against the compression of the rug by heavy objects with a reduced surface. The Ebanys modules can be used also to decorate sound absorbent walls.
Product Sheet PDFLen_Ebanys.pdf
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