Drape chandelier in black glass and black base on a white background.
Drape chandelier in transparent glass and gold base with LED lighting on a white background.

Drape Skirt 9 Chandelier

The Drape Skirt 9 Chandelier consists of 9 individual pendants gathered and supported by a central brass “skirt” structure. Each pendant features a 110mm diameter sphere of handblown glass suspended on a fabric-wrapped electrical cord. The cords pass through the tubes of the “skirt“, and the slight friction created by the cord passing through the bent tubing holds the “skirt” in place. The “skirt” element can be located anywhere along the length of the fixture/cords. Cord lengths are field adjustable.
Product Sheet PDF23_SkLO_Drape_Skirt_9_Chandelier_LT295.pdf
Product DWG FilesSkLO_DrapeSkirt9Chandelier_2D.dwg
Product 3DS Files23_SkLO_LT295_DrapeSkirt9Chandelier_US_3D.zip
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