Cut Sculptural Lighting

Starting from his lit sculptures, CUT: cylinders with a stainless, smooth surface or with a matted one obtained through precious techniques borrowed from ancient and modern jewel-making. The tubes are then carved lengthwise, providing glimpses of the rough and brutally rusted insides and creating a contrast in textures.
Every piece is named according to its cut. CUT I is a minimal cut with sinuous curves. CUT IV is instead a nervous cut, bringing to mind lighting strikes.
With the LIGHTNINGS collection – lit metal disks – the artist likewise toys with an internal lighting
system and with the cracks that offer outgoing flashes of light.
In his last works, the artist creates figurative sculptures that once again get sectioned. MY FIRST
INSPIRATION was the first one, in 2016. A woman’s head in melted bronze, inspired by a classic torso that has forever dominated a piece of furniture in his parents’ house. One of his first artistic emotions, which years later, he decided to section with a clean cut on the head. Maybe, to understand what is inside the head of this woman, half-muse half-mother figure?
Gianluca Pacchioni continues with this process – slicing Sicilian cedars and tropical coconuts, amputating the lion legs from an antique chest – always with the same purpose: to discover interior beauty under the metal carapace and comprehend what hides behind complex appearance. Well – an immaculate and mirrored surface, reflecting no doubt the thoughts of the observer.
“It is so shiny I could use it to shave!” exclaims Pacchioni spontaneously: a perfect mise en abyme of the artist, reflected in his cut work, holding a blade in one hand.
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