Series composed of seating elements and side tables to be used with Bistrò and Mogambo parasols. - SEATING ELEMENTS - Base: supporting base in multiplayer wood. - Padding: stress resistant differentiated polyurethane foam. - Foam covering: fixed, in polyester fabric. - Upholstery: removable cover in Rope T, Brio or Thea fabric. Note: The seating elements are positioned around the parasol upright thanks to a recess created into their structure. - SIDE TABLES - Structure: varnished aluminium available in avorio, grafite, mora, ruggine, sottobosco, oliva or foresta colour. The Clique side tables are available also gloss varnished in avorio or grafite colour. - Notes: The side tables can be fixed to the parasol upright at the desired height; the position can be changed by means of a joint positioned under the top. - The polyamide based gloss-varnishing guarantees a higher endurance and a higher resistance.
Product Sheet PDFLen_Clique.pdf
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