Cabanne Quadro

Cabanne is a modular architectural system composed by modules Quadro, Tunnel and Veranda. - MODULO QUADRO - Structure: steel, available in two versions:- with plates for the installation on weight bearing surfaces - with HEA base for the installation on not weight bearing ground - Note: Both versions are available in two heights; the heights must be used when a finishing flooring is to be laid. A finishing flooring is always needed if Modulo Quadro is used on not weight bearing ground. - Roof: the roof is always necessary and is available three versions: - polyester net with false ceiling in Thuia fabric- aluminium frame with Thuia fabric - aluminium frame with sassafras wood - aluminium honeycomb waterproof panels - Panels: Modulo Quadro can be completed with lateral panels, fixed or moving, in: sassafras lattices - Thuia fabric - transparent extralight glass - Notes: Instead of lateral panels, Shade fabric curtains, sand color, can be used. The colour of the structure always matches the colour of the fabric.
Product Sheet PDFLen_Cabanne.pdf
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