Brilli Model E
Brilli Model E

Brilli Model E

Brilli – Model E is a fantastic, daring and colorful design by Italian artist Jacopo Foggini. Working with a machine of his own invention, Foggini heats methacrylate to volcanic temperatures to create thick, colorful threads. Then, he molds the polymer derivate by hand into lit artworks.
The inspirations behind Foggini's luminous work are the magic of childhood and the antique glass quality of the melted methacrylate. Exhibited in the Carrousel du Louvre, Centre Pompidou, the Olympic Games in Turin and Museum Bagatti-Valsecchi in Milan, Foggini's work has a special place in the world of lighting design. Playful, happy, and absolutely unexpected, Jacopo Foggini's one-of-a-kind pieces bestow a brilliant and extraordinary lighting element into a room's composition.
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