Series of side tables available in different dimensions. - Structure: powder varnished stainless steel in avorio or grigio scuro color, plastic spacers. - Support surface: made of varnished aluminum in a color matching the structure, for tables composed of more tesserae only. - Top: single element in lava stone hand-decorated with glass composed of elements in stoneware hand-decorated with glass. - Notes: The top décor is made by hand by Nerosicilia and makes every single piece unique. The material, the particular production process, and technique lead to different patterns on each tile, which in turn form tops, which are different from one another, even within the same batch. Irregularity is the featuring characteristics of this production, since it is impossible to guarantee identical tiles, identical tops or identical percentage of material and color in the decorations within the same order and/or in different orders. The stoneware tiles composing the tops of the Bloom side tables can be used also to cover and decorate vertical surfaces. Minimum order: 3 square meters in the same color. This product can be used also in interior environments. *Please note due to the nature of the natural stone materials this product must be brought indoors if the outdoor temperature reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit or below.*
Product Sheet PDFLen_Bloom_tables.pdf
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