Ben Grimm configured in a zigzag pattern
Ben Grimm configured in a zigzag pattern top view
Ben Grimm configured in a zigzag pattern in different colors
Ben Grimm with a green back color with a long backrest and base color and another one in grey color with a short backrest
A close up image of a green Ben Grimm with a short backrest
Multiple Ben Grimm in green, white, and sky blue. The green one has a short backrest while the other two don't have any
Ben Grimm being shown with a red base and a short grey backrest

Ben Grimm

Seating system that allows you to create multiple configurations by placing the various modules side by side creating situations and atmospheres that are always different from each other. Ideal for decorating environments and public spaces. Supporting structure in mdf and polyestyrene. High density polyurethane padding. Upholstery in leather, fabric or eco-leather. The backrests can be positioned on all sides of the seats by means of underlying hooks
Product Sheet PDFHorm_ben-grim.pdf
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