Handmade rug based on fabrics in a gray tone and green finishes on a white background
hand-woven rug in a green color tone with pattern design
Atlas Rugs
Atlas Rugs

Atlas Rugs

ATLAS collection of outdoor rugs is defined by a contemporary taste, which combines understated refinement and a natural look.
Produced on hand looms from synthetic fibers in mélange nuances, ATLAS rugs offer the highest outdoor performance, while also preserving intact their soft feel and appearance.
The collection is developed around patterns inspired by jacquard weaves; four colour variants: hemp (clay), pearl grey (pearl), lead grey (lead), blue water (water).
The rugs of the ATLAS collection are characterized by a solid colour stretch with sidebands features of a contrasting color and with intertwined fringes.
The dark grey fringes are always positioned along the 3mt side. Length 300cm - 118"2/4
Width 200cm - 78"3/4
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