soapstone sculpture with lñaton finish and a long, thin shape.
small soapstone sculptures with a varied color palette as well as their unusual and elegant shapes.

Aoi Vase I

The AOI-Vases are the result of a collaboration between the Brazilian jewellery designer Tatiana Queiroz and Marcelo Alvarenga and Susana Bastos, founders of the ALVA design studio. Cleverly fusing their backgrounds in architecture, object and jewellery design, they eloquently translate soapstone into a universal, timeless and contemporary design language.
The AOI-line combines the rough and the feminine, volume and lightness. It explores the crossroads between object design and sculpture, keeping in mind the purity of form and the balance of lines.
Soapstone is a naturally porous stone that should not to be used with water or any other liquid. The colour of soapstone can vary from a gentle beige to bright blue and silvery grey.
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