The modular kitchen units. For Minotti cucine the connection of the countertop is an obstacle to the visual continuity, the innate detail and indispensable to all large surfaces made with natural materials such as stone. To take the eyes away from this divide, the anima model was created in detached units. Every single cubic element has a separate function: cooking, countertop, sink. And it is a modular solution also designed for furnishing bathrooms. The most significant technical introduction of the anima model is represented by the retracted and hidden platform that connects the blocks. A structure created to raise and aesthetically lighten the whole thing, at the same time it is highly functional as it encloses all the fittings and the ergonomics of a kitchen base. As with every Minotti cucine project, anima is entirely customisable depending on the tastes and needs of the customer: this model is therefore potentially available in any variant.
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