24 Karat Blau Flat

4 Karat Blau Flat is the new member of the Karat Blau family at Ingo Maurer: a wall lamp made of wafer-thin Japanese gold. The principle of the 24 Karat Blau Flat is based on an acrylic glass panel that encloses wafer-thin beaten gold leaf and is mounted flat on the wall in front of the light source. One luminaire - many possibilities: Thanks to individual panels that can be combined as desired and aligned in different ways, the end customer creates his or her own individual work of art with the 24 Karat Blue Flat. Beaten extremely thin, the pure gold only allows short-wave blue light to pass through, which is why the light source appears bluish. Golden yellow light is reflected by the 24 Karat Blau Flat and creates a warm atmosphere in the room. The lamp was designed by Axel Schmid, who has been part of the Ingo Maurer creative team for 23 years and who already developed the earlier models of the series.
Product Sheet PDFing_24_Karat_Blau_Flat.pdf
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