Gallotti&Radice 2020 Collection

Gallotti&Radice 2020 Collection

Simplicity, Craftsmanship, Innovation

In recent years Gallotti&Radice has gone through an evolution which involved both the range of products and the way spaces are presented. Today the proposal is conceived to be able to furnish various rooms in the home, from the living to the bedroom areas, according to an international, timeless and refined style.

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Please watch the videos below to learn about what inspired our designers for the new products.

Massimo Castagna – “I love working in between form, materials and artisanal techniques, looking for extensive ways of expression. My approach is less industrial and more connected to the skills of hands, the know-how that I
believe is the true core of the Made in Italy


david / nicolas – david / nicolas’ work explores a synthesis of forms, blending elements of Lebanon’s ancient history with futuristic features.


Federica Biasi – “I like to think of today’s furnishings as quotes from the past in continuum with modernity


Dainelli Studio – The key feature of Dainelli Studio – the continuous aesthetic and formal research – takes shape in a refined design, mindful of proportions, harmony of forms, colours, materials and finishes.


Pietro Russo – “Silvia Gallotti and I bonded since our very first meeting. We particularly shared views on the concept of elegance


StudioPepe – Their design language is layered and eclectic, it combines poetic vision and a strong iconographic identity.


Pinuccio Borgonovo – “Gallotti&Radice represents a reality in which the union between design and craftsmanship is tangible


Carlo Colombo – “The new products I designed for 2020 fall into the “elegant home” trend because they have the typical characteristics of the company’s DNA

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