Yuuto Bed Bench

Good design always starts off as a good idea. And that was the case with Yuuto. This upholstered bed showcases the place you sleep. Standing freely in a room, it accommodates modern life: open for a whole range of possible connections - to our wardrobes, the bathroom, the panorama, flexible for the rituals of our private life.

An upholstered bed. Spaciously designed with fine materials. Sensuousness and sheer beauty. But this bed is more: Yuuto shapes the room. The upholstered bench naturally takes up residence beside the bed. As a valet stand or flexible seating arrangement. An attractive addition - the escritoire with its surface made of premium saddle leather. Just made for a pen and paper and that precious moment at which your thoughts flow. Complementing this arrangement, the side table - the perfect spot for your book and jewellery during the night. Personal treasures can be kept secure in the swivel-out drawer - useful and elegant.

The masterly showcasing reveals the great art of Yuuto. Inspirations en détail for wide sleeping landscapes. Relaxed elegance - as serene as it is stylish. With the culture of the natural.
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