Sherazade Pocket Frame

The Sherazade Pocket Frame doors are custom-made, can be integrated into the most common systems of sliding pocket doors such as Scrigno Essential® sliding and Eclisse® Syntesis Line and have a monolithic 6 mm. or laminated glass 3+3 mm thick tempered glass is inserted by means of a seal in the center of the aluminum frame, which is supplied in five different finishes. The door is supplied with telescopic aluminum jambs, for walls with thickness from 90 up to 130 mm, in the same finish as the door frame. The glass, available in a wide range of finishes are certified according to the safety regulation ANSI Z97.1 and UNI EN12150 (with the exception of 533. retinato). Panels in stoneware and in wood with different finishes and essences are available too. The two versions, with single or double door, can be provided with or without lock. Subframes for plasterboard or brick walls can be provided on demand.
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