Orbittu is a wall or ceiling lamp whose base can rotate on its own axis thanks to the technology of Insta GmbH. The hemispherical housing with lateral light emission is reminiscent of a miniature observatory, to which a mirror, which can also be rotated, is attached via an asymmetrical mounting. Orbittu, designed by Axel Schmid and David Engelhorn from the Ingo Maurer team, is connected to a light socket with Plug & Light technology. This specific magnetic connection allows the "Orbittu" to rotate 360 degrees. A small LED spotlight is integrated into the housing, it throws light on an elliptical mirror sheet made of aluminium. The sheet is also fully rotatable, catches the light and sheds it on the desired spot - sometimes directly as a spotlight, sometimes indirectly via the wall. As the mirror sheet has a shiny and a structured side, the light effect can be individualised.
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