From sitting to lying down We have been working as upholstery experts for almost 60 years. So why shouldn’t we also apply this knowledge to the development of mattresses? We asked ourselves this question two years ago, and then created a mattress that is made only from the most exclusive materials, and developed and hand-made to measure specifically for each individual customer. Look forward to an unforgettable night’s sleep that caresses your body and pampers your soul. The de Sede mattress is made from horsehair, cotton, alpaca, cashmere and camel wool as well as fine silk from the tussah silkworm that lives in the wild. The combination of these choice of natural materials warms and cools as required, and provides a silky, cozy lying feeling. For the individual manufacture of your personal mattress, a de Sede expert will first measure you and then tailor the ideal mattress composition for you. Thanks to the asymmetrical construction with seven horizontal and four vertical comfort zones, you will experience a level of sleep comfort that is proven to be better – and will leave you dreaming of your bed all day long!
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