Catalano Acampanado

Forty years for the Catalano Bench. We want to celebrate with a change of image which will assist in its enduring half a century with happiness and colour. Axalta Coating Systems has especially designed something for this special occasion. Four bright colours in pastel tones give a new life to the Catalano 4.0, covered with powdered paint and topped off with a texturised high quality finish.

When we finished playing with the ends that dress and sweeten the deployé, we noted the extremes hanging freely and we said to each other: “Well! It looks like a design by the Campana brothers”. In the same way that when I finished the chair that looked half Gaudí and half Mollino, I decided to call it “Gaulino”, and when Ingo Maurer finished a book with a luminous aerial which was much like my Bib Luz, I decided to called it “Oskar”, thus we should call this version of the bench “Catalano Acampanado”. Oscar Tusquets Blanca.
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