Avalance Sofa

Avalanche, the sofa designed by Metrica, lives up to its name as it practically snowballs you with cosiness, especially when you fold up the backrest and plunk yourself down into the deep comfy seat. And when you fold it back down, the expansive cuddly sofa becomes an inviting showpiece. Avalanche not only cuts a fine figure as a cosy sofa. The backrest can also be folded up or down in the new super comfortable recliner element. Mind if it's a bit bigger? An optional shelf can be added, providing room for lighting, reading matter and snacks – and anything else that makes you feel good. When folded up, it becomes a side headrest. And if that still isn't big enough for you, the two-seater comes in four different widths.
Product Sheet PDFCOR_Avalanche.pdf
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