Vita Vita Vita Vita Vita Vita


designerMassimo Mariani
product id1113944
catalog id3100088
Modular system made up of square modules with shelves and cabinets. It is for easy adjustment to space and easy change over years. Each square element is 60cm large; shelves are 22 or 33cm
in depth, cabinets 38 or 48 cm. The modules are made from MD wood fibreboards, in matt or gloss white lacquer. In the matt version the cabinets of the A Box module and the doors of the Dbox and Dbox slot modules are also available in anthracite, yellow, sand and light blue. The modules can be used based on the four main rotations: to each rotation corresponds a different use of the module and a different dialogue with the adjoining elements. Three versions: hanging, ground-resting, wired ground-resting.