SG Granite Outdoor white & black SG Granite Outdoor white & black SG Granite Outdoor white & black

SG Granite Outdoor white & black

nameSG Granite Outdoor white & black
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With the same sense of colour as the indoor edition, but with the advantage of the outdoor fabrication are these editions bringing their glaze to the outside.

The material is extremely durable and resistant to stress as well as it is made of 100% water repellant polyester, which makes it the perfect highlight for your outdoor area or damp room.
Additionally, the backing of SG Granite Outdoor features special recesses for easy and unhindered drainage. This makes the outdoor editions a perfect and quick colour fix for areas such as pool decks, outdoor lounges, terraces, open air cafes and even spas.

SG Granite Outdoor is available in 5 standard sizes and 1 standard colour. It is possible to produce custom sizes and custom shapes.

Applications: indoor and outdoor - bathrooms, spas, pool areas, terraces, events
Manufacturing process: hand-woven
Base material: 100% polyester (water repellant)
Pile material: 100% polyester (water repellant)
Pile length: 4 - 5 mm
Pile weight: ~ 4500g / sqm
Overall weight: ~ 4850g / sqm
Backing material: no additional backing; the special way of fabrication lets water drain through
Stress class: suitable for medium - high traffic residential areas
Floor heating: suitable with floor-heating
Acoustic properties: sound-absorbent
Electro-static properties: anti-static
Ability to restore: suitable for tables and chairs; we recommend furniture glides
Standard sizes: 170x240 | 200x200 | 200x300 | 250x350 | 300x400 cm