designerDavid Law
product id1000847
catalog id3100161
System of tables with glass crystal tops supported by columns with a significant diameter in different fine materials: “Fresco” finish (cement paste with special resins and pigments), shiny reflective stainless steel, bronzecoloured mesh of metal fabric. Tops made of transparent or extra-clear opalescent glass that is 15 mm thick or is made of transparent grey hardened glass. Frame made of grey painted micaceous metal.

Table with a unique and timeless design in which the apparent thinness and lightness of the glass top contrasts with the considerable diameter of the columns. These columns acquire greater expressive force from the different colours and textures of the cladding materials: the warmth and distinction of the mesh in bronze metal thread, the shine of the stainless steel, the concrete craftsmanship of the Fresco finish. Added to the common cement paste or grout, generally used as binding in a mixture with inert materials such as sand, marble powder, earths, a special resin is added that permits “fresco su fresco” manufacturing as for frescos and shows lines, speckles, variegated effect and slight dents: all these are marks of the artist’s hand and combine the beauty of different finishes that are never repetitive.