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Twist | 2287

nameTwist | 2287
designerEmilio Nanni
product id1258920
catalog id3100151
Another new piece that will win over many design enthusiasts is the modern Twist stool by Emilio Nanni who says, “Lightness and irony characterize this collection of stools in metal rod and strung polyester cord, which is dyed prior to extrusion. The intersecting shapes and lines, enhanced by the woven coloured cord, create a new design project and an unexpected typological interpretation of the stool.” Nanni emphasizes the innovative idea underlying Twist (hence its name), “It gets rid of the normal concepts of use, by turning each side into the ‘right way up’; it’s the user who decides how to arrange it. Twist is perfect in any living/kitchen area where it can make a strong statement.” Available in a high and low version, Twist has another interesting point: the bi-coloured cord is entirely strung by hand, with 60 meters of cord needed for each stool. The varnished steel frame comes in black, white or red and is strung with reinforced, high tenacity polyester cord, available in three variations; white/light grey mélange, black/beige mélange, or red/red mélange. Also suitable for outdoor thanks to a protective steel painting.