Shibuya Pergola

nameShibuya Pergola
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Shibuya has revolutionized the world of garden structures by introducing the concept of dynamism.
It is a pergola composed of two cube units offering varying levels of mobility and flexibility, adapting to the various requirements of a day spent in the outdoors.
The attached version can be rolled and extended, the freestanding one can be moved anywhere you might choose.

The structure is in galvanized iron with powder coated finish in matt white or matt graphite and has wheels which move 360° and can be blocked.

The freestanding model is available in both the fixed version and a mobile version with six pirouetting wheels with blocking mechanism. The mobile freestanding version has wheels 8 cm and 20 cm diameter with blocking brackets for safety during high winds.

The pergola is completed with various types of roofing: panels of treated Nordic pine slats, bamboo shades, waterproof shade (39% polyester coated with 61% PVC) and microperforated shade (50% polyester coated with 50% PVC) both in sand colour. During winter roofing must be removed to avoid snow overloading.

The Shibuya pergola can be enhanced with side blinds in microperforated fabric (50% polyester coated with 50% PVC) in white with manual opening and closing.
The side blinds partially enclose the structure to a maximum height to the top beam of approx. 120 cm.
They have a spring loaded winding mechanism and can be blocked at two established points (of differing height) installed on the sides.

Patent application has been lodged.