Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65 Ginger Stool 65

Ginger Stool 65

nameGinger Stool 65
designerAlfredo Häberli
product id1017629
catalog id3100020
There I was, glass in hand, hunting after stray ideas when simple solutions with subtle inventive details based on the theme of the bar came into my head. A stool where you can put your personal belongings, a coffee table with a hole in the centre, another with a rotating top that can be put to all kinds of new uses, and so on. Brief tales that could be written on a matchbox. Happy Hour is a wide range of furniture for installations, which also has a role to play in the home. The Happy Hour series includes the Servicetable and Servicebar serving trolleys and the Ginger Stools, available in three different heights. The considerable collection of Happy Hour tables includes M, a large-sized round table; XS and S, both of which are smaller in diameter and also come in a high version; XXL and XL, which have a central hole; and L, which is the most stylised and another of the pieces in this numerous range.

Structures of stainless steel or chromed iron combined with upholstered seats in standard fabrics; Upholstery fabric vinyl (78% PVC 22% PES) in white, green, orange or black, Ecosued fabric (100% polyester) in yellow sand, burned orange, luminous garnet, green moss, ink blue, sparkled brown, sparkled blue, sparkled ash grey; or customer’s upholstery. Optional upholstery, for all other fabrics offered by Bd Barcelona design please consult prices and delivery times. The fabric of the cushion cannot be removed. The Ginger Stool of 80cm has an internal structure in folded steel sheet and upholstered in the same colour of the cushion. Stoppers in polyethylene in black colour.