Owens Armchair Owens Armchair Owens Armchair Owens Armchair

Owens Armchair

nameOwens Armchair
designerRodolfo Dordoni
product id1296224
catalog id3100089
Owens is a family of armchairs and chairs that calls to mind a traditional yet unique kind of chair, featuring a rounded back without armrests, and tapered wooden legs. The simplicity of the Owens design is masterfully executed in the handcraft-ed construction of the chair, an advantage that comes with a company that has its roots solidly planted in a historic legacy of fine tailoring and traditional upholstering techniques, while the craftsmanship used in the solid wood legs traces back to Italy’s fine woodworking tradition. The sleek lines and slender shapes make it possible for Owens to pair seamlessly with all the sofas in the Minotti collection.