Kitchen (Simplicity Collection) Kitchen (Simplicity Collection)

Kitchen (Simplicity Collection)

nameKitchen (Simplicity Collection)
designerEnnio Arosio
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Glass kitchen

Simplicity Collection:

This collection is based on the use of glass, “immaterial” material par excellence : assembled by Ennio Arosio according to a rigorous logic based on elementary planes and orthogonal projections, this material expresses new potentialities never experienced before and finally frees of those functional supports in wood or steel that for a long time assigned it the “secondary” role of simple finish.
Born in 2004 with a kitchen completely realized in glass, Simplicity developed the bathroom collection in 2005. In 2006, it finally becomes “total project” able to design all areas of the house and to make it functional according to an aseptic and de-materialized vision of the furniture element.
The basic idea can be declined and personalized according to the particular exigencies without loosing anything of its original strength. This is a clear proof of the extreme flexibility of a project able to widen and perform more and more complex and innovative functions.
The widespread use of glass in recent years in international architecture has in fact extended the use of this material making it a primary part of the whole building that is now characterized by glass insertions that are functional but do not interfere with the architecture of the building or with its interior.
Simplicity translates this new approach to glass into a project able to define new relations between indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing new environmental dimensions to interiors, layers of differing transparent intensity that unite and divide at the same time the sequence of spaces: though stable and solid, the glass element does not interrupt the total perception of space, being present but “invisible”.

Technical Characteristics

The glass used for the Simplicity project is provided by Saint Gobain Glass, it is called Diamant due to its extreme transparency and it is the same used to realize the pyramid of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
Each element composing the Simplicity project is made by two glass sheets and each sheet is 15 mm. thick. Glass is tempered and stratified with a PVB film of 1.52 mm. and thanks to these particular treatments our project meets all safety requirements. The film put between the two glass sheets can be transparent or coloured so that it is also possible to realize pieces in more than a thousand different colours.
Santambrogiomilano patented joint in plexiglass is the key element to assemble all components of the project.
The Simplicity fundamental characteristic is that everything is usually realized “on demand”: from the shelves supports to the faucets, the sinks, the drain cuts, the cook-tops up to the connection crews personalized with the brand Santambrogiomilano.