Plec Umbrella Stand

namePlec Umbrella Stand
designerIsabel Gamero
product id1017666
catalog id3100020
The linear disposition of this umbrella stand allows for an unlimited additive growth and ensures the perfect order of the umbrellas it holds. It projects out from the wall by only sixteen centimetres, so that it can be placed in any corridor without getting in the way. Because there is a separate space for each umbrella, the dry ones do not get wet from contact with those just in from the rain. Moreover, everyone can find their own umbrella quickly and easily. There is also a special place for telescopic umbrellas: the lower shelf.

PLEC UMBRELLA STAND Body in steel with kataphoretic treatment finishes in embossed silver or polished and semi matt stainless steel. Polyether foam in the base. Rivets in aluminium and steel. Silicon-sealed bowl.