Macaone I 7020

nameMacaone I 7020
designerAlessandro Mendini
product id1138621
catalog id3100151
year1985 / 2011
Amid the audacious artistic experiments of the versatile designer, the Macaone table was created in 1985 for the Zabro collection and has been included by Zanotta in the 1987 Editions. Today it has been remade for the 2011 catalog. "Macaone is one of the pieces of the Zabro collection that I cherish the most," remarks Mendini. "When I designed those pieces and objects for Aurelio Zanotta and Nuova Alchimia, my idea was to re-interpret and give life to the stylistic features of the Fifties typical of that Italian interior design. Therefore, the Macaone simulates legs that take inspiration from, for example, Carlo Mollino or in any case from those poetic middle-class and Italian atmospheres. Macaone came in several versions, square and round. The most expressive one is the square table, whose top is divided into four sharp colors that continue to the legs. It is the one I am most interested in and I am happy that it is being re-proposed today by Zanotta." The top is made of medium-density fiberboard while the legs are made of stiff polyurethane.

Signed piece. MDF top and stiff polyurethane legs with steel frame painted in the shades of red, blue, yellow, green. Polished aluminium alloy feet.