designerAlain Gilles
product id1256048
catalog id3101048
Alain Gilles has named the new Bonaldo table “Gap”, which is another word for opening or space. This is a significant choice of name for a designer who truly enjoys interpreting static objects and giving them a dynamic appearance and a styling personality all of their own. The distinguishing feature of Gap lies in the legs, which consist of two metal "blades" that gradually open out upwards. Looking at them from a different perspective, the legs have a different appearance and even look to the observer as if they are a single, thin line. The table is therefore never the same. On the whole, the table is extremely discreet, specifically to emphasise the leg design as much as possible: the metal frame that supports the table top is concealed by the top itself, making the silhouette of Gap as simple and architecturally appealing as possible.